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    This is a turn-limited trial app, with ads, of Rummy (available as a paid app).

    Lets you play the computer at 7-card Rummy. Try to be the first to create a set of four cards plus a set of three cards - each either cards of the same rank or else consecutive cards of the same suit.

    Please note that this is straight or regular Rummy (see rules at but played with 7 cards rather than the usual 10. It is not Gin Rummy or Rummy 500 (Rum 500), which are also sometimes known as Rummy in North America.

    Features include:

    a) ability to arrange the cards in your hand
    b) change the computer's memory - just in case it beats you too often
    c) view the computer's cards (if you're desperate).

    Full Help facility.

    Always opens in Portrait orientation.

    Also available from if you cannot download from the Android Market. Versions for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia, Windows PCs and Macs also available from there.

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