Slot machine wild west +

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    This is the payed version of wild west slot machine it will give you a great casino feel and brings you back to the

    wild wild west.
    The slotmachine has many functions spin gamble feature games collect achievements.
    When you start playing it`s hard to quit again.
    I hope that this fruit machine will bring you hours of fun.

    Functions slot machine:

    -spin to win
    -automatic hold of two of the same symbols.
    -manual hold and reset holding
    -gamble up to 200

    Feature games

    -raise the saloon pot with 30
    -shoot out spinner (spins random to any of the symbols and win high prices )
    -win the saloon pot if pot is high raised you win big prices
    -collect the bounty from the sherrif ( mystery price between 0 and 200 )

    Wild west is a slotmachine for entertainment purposes and there is no real money involved so you can play forever

    without ever loosing something.
    But you will get the same casino feel.

    This what some of the testers say about the game:

    "Great game i dont know why but i just can`t stop playing this slot"

    "Like the wild west theme just like a western movie lol"

    "easy how you get points no waiting like other slot machines"

    We at newshine mobile media hope you people like the game.
    That`s why we hope you will give it a good rating and leave some comments.