The Mystic Oracle Slot Machine

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    The Mystic Oracle Slot Machine

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    The Mystic Oracle Prophecy Slot Machine, more messages from those Aliens at MAARS?

    This is the second game in a series of games being developed by Aliens from MAARS. And this time the Alien’s got it culturally right! They now understand that almost every adult on Earth wants to win easy, win big and enjoy life.

    Go MAARS Aliens, make me rich!

    The Mystic Oracle Prophecy Slot Machine lets you bet MAARS tokens and accumulate them as you win.
    But then what happens?

    Like Rock Scissors Paper, the first not so perfect and ultimately boring Alien game from MAARS, The Mystic Oracle Prophecy Slot Machine also holds part of the Alien's secret message buried deep in the algorithm and maze of the game bits and bytes.

    When will the secrets from MAARS be revealed?
    Only time will tell. So are you patient enough to play? Are you bored enough to play at least 1x per day or more? Will you keep the application on your Droid or delete it and the stored results?

    What are you losing if you delete it?

    Yes this Slot a game is also from the 1950's or maybe even before that, boring!

    Yes the Aliens are a little but on the slow side. They don't appear to be terribly bright or to have even grasped Earth technology. Still the game is kind of neat because it created accumulated wealth, if one plays. And maybe the Aliens will trade for that.

    Who knows, the Oracle knows? Ask him.

    Besides, the game is free, costs nothing to stay on your phone, and we do all get bored, sometimes really bored. So why not go with The Mystic Oracle Prophecy Slot Machine, play when it’s only you and the Droid in your pocket.
    Stay a believer and you could be surprised what your faith will reward you.

    Oh and keep looking for updates. They hold the key to unlocking the secret and wealth of MAARS.

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