Bingo Jungle




    With the experience of the critically acclaimed Dungeons and Coins, American Ball and Fish Galaxy, Sigma Games would like to present to you our fourth medal game, Bingo Jungle!

    Bingo Jungle is a fun game which combines funny elements of Roulette and Bingo into one!

    This game is a simple Bingo game with numbers from 1-25 and its selection is controlled by a wheel. There are 28 game skills (game conditions) to choose from, which is either randomly drawn or equip the game skills with Star Points.
    Every round of this game gives you a UNIQUE and EXCITING experience!

    Features Highlight:
    -Unique Bingo gameplay
    -Maximum resolution in graphics on every Android device.
    -Stunning 3D graphics and effects.
    -Exciting game play with 28 skills to choose from.

    Game Play:
    -Draw a set of skills (game conditions).
    -If you are not satisfied with skills, you could use Star Points to equip the skills.
    -To bet medals, press the BET button (+1, +10, Multiply). These extra medals may increase the odds.
    -The game will now start.
    -3 balls will roll out one by one.
    -If a ball drops into the hole with a number, that number in bingo panel will light up.
    -If a ball drops into a hole with Star, they will get 1 Star and a “Return Ball” will roll out.
    -Rotate the corners of the blocks with numbers.
    -2 balls will roll out.
    -To win the Bingo odds, 3 or more numbers must be aligned.
    -You can join Bonus Game after you win.
    -Do collect all numbers to start Jackpot Game!

    Let us know what you think.
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