Jan9 Mah-jongg, Pachinko

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    Jan9 ball sparrow
    (Mah-jongg + Pachinko)

    You can join the high score ranking.
    Please select from the menu.

    A brief description of how to play:
    You can submit a "Medal" Bet you tap the button on the bottom right one..

    Play the ball by tapping the surface plate 2. Game. I determined by the position of the left and right, tap playing strength.

    When you tap the tiles that do not need 3., Your tile is discarded.

    Ron I tap the button if there is rising 4..

    When you submit "Medal" the other one, and is set 14 balls.

    If you want to add a "Medal", you can put in up to five continuous input.
    In this case, the number of "Medal" is betting will increase the number of spheres rather than increase.
    (You can submit a "Medal" Bet you tap the button at the bottom right.)

    I use the tiles to create the role after turning "Medal", was shown to play ball pocket that contains 14.

    (Determined by the position of the left and right strength to play the ball. Playing the game Tap Tap the surface plate.)

    Re-play of the ball can be up to 10 times.
    How to play normal, align the tiles do the tiles first coordination sphere 14 play, re-play the ball discard tiles that do not need one.
    (If you do not need to tap the tiles, tile is you will be discarded.)

    Dora table is determined at the time the first ball is pocketed.

    Dora the back is displayed when you pass through the reach pockets on.
    With a role when you reach up and good luck.

    Dora will be added and passed through the (picture of a bird) additional pocket on the driver.
    Ball went into the pocket of the right and left center comes out from the exit through the warp tunnel.

    The display of tile wind is indicated by the triangle.

    I counted the number of Ron and press the button if there is rising.
    (I can not Ron and not after the ball has been played all.)
    (I tap the button Ron.)

    If there is a role, "Medal" from the payment is assigned depending on it.
    Even if there is no role, other roles, such as Dora the overlap with, but it's not able to go up "Medal" paying out at least one sheet (Hiraagari) should have all the upstream flat.
    Except in the upstream flat, you can (with some exceptions) the role of duplication.
    If you issue a full role, you can earn your celebration ("Medal" sheet 100).

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