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    "Sakura" what is Cherry blossoms ,flower of the Japanese spring.
    I expressed to the world of the slot.


    Tells the beauty and life force from Japanese cherry blossoms in full glory bloom for Slot fan and medal machine fan in the world.

    Lottery is of course No-control.
    Symbol combination pattern woven from pure probability provides the beauty of cherry blossoms aligned and the world of numbers you do not know how far.
    You can enjoy a time of 1 people wowed lead to infinite inspiration from the fun with the "luck", a variety of numbers!

    Incidence of major
    Sakura bonus 1/857
    Double up game is the expected value 1.03

    The main function
    Functions and services up to 50 sheets of credit
    history data
    Probability of occurrence of each table and view and dividend

    Acceptable Use Policy

    When customers have to use the game application "SUPER 8LINES SAKURA INFINITY" provided by the ANIMO INC. (the "Company") (referred to as "application") is, to accept the contents of this use agreement will.

    (1) All rights including copyright, etc on this application , belong to our company.
    (2) Customers shall not carry out any accumulation or transfer, modify, copy or reproduction without the permission of the Company the contents of this application.
    (3) Customers shall not carry out any such acts or that there is a risk or violate the rights of third parties on this application.
    (4) Your use of this application , other communications charges apply separately to this application fee.
    (5) The Company, change without prior notice to use this application and this contract, add, and that it be abolished or changed.
    (6) Customers may be transferable or assignable to any third party any rights or obligations relating to the contract can not use this.
    (7) There are up for doing a version of this application at our discretion. If you want to download the application after this upgrade, communication fee generated by it will be paid by the customer.
    (8) This application may run speed and method of operation differs depending on you mobile devices available.
    (9) Due to the use of this application is not responsible for such damage can not be held responsible, please acknowledge beforehand.
    (10) Due to accident and failure of communication of this application in use is not responsible for such damage can not be held responsible, please acknowledge beforehand.
    (11) Charged with respect to this individual in the application has been in accordance with the terms of the company Google.
    (12) Company may suspend the service without prior notice due to reasons such as maintenance.
    (13) If the customer has changed the terminal, assume that information stored in the terminal before the change is not carried over to the new terminal.
    (14) The Company, in the case was recognized threat to the public order, without any notice, you can stop and release of this application to provide for customers.
    (15) The handling of personal information received through this application provided by the Company is determined by the Company and shall conform to the "privacy policy".
    (16) If you have any dispute or doubt between customers with respect to subscription book, but then decided to consult in good faith or this application, Tokyo "or" the Tokyo District Court "if you do not resolve the still The exclusive jurisdiction of the court and "the Magistrate Courts.

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