Tartan Bingo FREE




    Scottish Bingo against the clock!

    Perfect for playing whilst shooting your Haggis and looking for Nessie, we decided to make a version of our Bingo titles to reflect the fact that we are based in Scotland. Plus, it is STILL FREE!!

    Complete your Bingo game card by accepting or rejecting the balls called, but watch out as incorrect choices lose time. Connect with Facebook to challenge your friends.

    * it's FREE and its BINGO!
    * good memory and quick reactions mean high scores
    * compete with your Facebook friends in the weekly challenge
    * collect the bonus balls, avoid the nasty ones
    * if you complete your Bingo game card you can play again carrying over your score.
    * Bagpipes!!! I hate them myself, but we have them! Love haggis though but we don't have much of that, sorry! We don't have any neaps nor tatties either. Booooo!

    Now localised into Mandarin, French, German, Spanish and Italian

    (still trying to determine whether to translation into Glaswegian and Aberdonian or not!)

    Are you bored of the same old online Bingo sites constantly having to spend money? Why not give in to your inner Celt and give Tartan Bingo a try - a completely free Bingo game???

    Tartan Bingo, proudly Made In Scotland

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