2 super gem miners

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    2 super gem miners

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    Gem miners is a simple and interesting puzzle game. Grabbed you already made a head, immediately to start the adventure! Explore caves, waste as a flash, be forgotten the temples, get your fame and wealth. This is the classic on the Android platform, gem miners. In underground everywhere is full of all kinds of precious metals, minerals, precious stones, and even some fossil or something. Now, you will become a miner, deep down to the ground, look for the treasure, you have only some small tools, such as shovel, a ladder and so on. You can collect stones sold, get the COINS, and then you can upgrade your backpack with a coin, upgrade your ladder, buy bracket, mine lamp, etc. The more the more precious gems buried too deep, but the deeper underground is more dangerous, because you have to keep enough long ladder to return to the ground. If you dig to the center of the earth, you will get the precious silver, gold and precious stones, etc.

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