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    Published: 2013-03-05, by Ana Gracia.

    Take care and breed horses, don't forget to make them run

    • Entertaining
    • Good backstory
    • Graphics are a bit messy sometimes
    • Extra download

    "Those Derby Days..."

    You probably never thought about building a ranch... but what about doing it virtually?

    With Derby Days, you will own a group of horses and will need to take care and breed your horses with the neighbors', customizing them to your taste and provide them with an excellent environment and a great home. What's that all for? Well, you will then have the chance of watch them race in local derbies and be able to win some trophies.

    When you first enter the game, you will see the game is a classic management app which begins with a tutorial that explains all the basic steps, how to take care of your horse, how to make it run and other general notions to enjoy the experience.

    Unfortunately, the graphics are sometimes messy and drawings overlap, at least in the main menu.

    Com2uS is the developer of Derby Days and its own live wallpaper, an entertaining game set in the country, where you can be the owner of the most successful horses of all-time.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Mar 05, 2013


    辽阔的草原上坐落着您的马场, 万马奔腾, 其乐融融。想拥有这儿的一切吗? 赶快加入“马儿快跑”的行列! 可爱的马儿还有独特的马场。你, 就是他们的主人!

    ★ 支持中文简体 ★
    此外还支持 English、Deutsch、français、日本語、한글、中文繁體等语言。


    马场商店里还有各式各样的商品, 帮助你打造属于自己的梦想马场。特殊道具还可以帮助马儿更好地成长, 爱马技高一筹, 胜利的奖杯离你还会远吗?

    对了, 马儿也是有情感的, 在朋友马场那找到合适的配对伴侣~ 相信我, 新的小马驹会带给你无限的惊喜!

    - 数万种不同外貌的马儿。
    - 与朋友的马儿配对, 获得意想之外的小马驹。
    - 三个阶段的训练, 养出绝世好马。
    - 世界级的赛马比赛, 一触即发。
    - 生动有趣的动物配音, 活灵活现的动画。
    - 漂亮帅气的建筑, 打造独一无二的马场。
    - 数百种装饰品, 使你的马场更加华丽。
    - 拜访朋友们的马场, 并展示你的爱马。

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