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    Do you looking for a simple and interesting game? Here it is, "AIMING SHOT"!!!
    We believe it's one of the best addictive game and worth playing over 100 hours.
    Life is full of ups and downs, you will experience successes along with falls in the game.
    Hastiness, overconfidence are both your enemy in your journey.
    Keeps practicing and accumulating experience, then you will be able to face more challenges.
    On the way to success, you will need a calm mind and a kind heart.

    This is a arrow shooting game combined action and simulation elements.
    · 3 types of arrows
    · Combo hit bonus
    · Various characters' AI setup
    · Weather interference in different levels
    · Overall economic system
    · Birds hatching and uprading
    · 3 spells of magic bottle in different modes
    · 6 magic item can be unlocked
    · Dynamic birds position
    · Additional Treasure-BOX
    · Tap and Tile controls
    · 16 local leaderboards
    · 6 difficulty levels in STORY mode
    · Total 50 CHALLENGE levels
    · FREE-HUNTER mode without shooting limit
    · Upgrade value of the birds in INVEST mode
    · Creative user interface

    · Tap and hold the string of the bow
    · Slide your finger backwards to gain power
    · Slide your finger up and down to set the shooting angle
    · Release your finger to shoot the arrow
    · Tap anywhere on screen or using TILT to control the NEST moving right and left
    · Tap and hold the NEST for accurate moves

    · Spend coins to buy arrows for shooting
    · Aiming and shooting birds to gain coins
    · Catch normal eggs to hatch upgraded birds
    · Catch golden eggs to gain extra coins
    · Accumulate more coins to challenge more difficulty levels

    · Don't aiming too long, double magic will disappear on the arrow.
    · It's boring that the arrow need to buy.
    · Gold arrow always get gold eggs.
    · Gold bird always drop gold egg.
    · Combo hit can bring more coins.
    · Birds have 5 Levels.
    · Tricky birds always hatch when catch its egg.
    · Upgraded birds are always more valuable than previous.
    · Crows will explode to damage around.
    · Don't hit piggy voyager, her bark will scare away the birds around.
    · Climates may disturb aiming.
    · Items can be unlocked by hitting the gold bird in STORY.
    · Items are very useful for hunting.
    · The magic bottle will cast different spells in three game mode.
    · Combo more birds in STORY to accumulate magic in the bottle.
    · Clear all birds in CHALLENGE to accumulate magic in the bottle.
    · Catch more eggs in FREE-HUNT to accumulate magic in the bottle.
    · MR. Worms is good at attracting birds.
    · Magnet spell arrow is the key for get higher score in FREE-HUNT.
    · Sigh, air ticket is very expensive for hunting.
    · Burp, drink more to complete more CHALLENGE.
    · Oops, every shooting need to Pay Taxes in FREE-HUNT.
    · There are three Treasure-BOX in the game.
    · Eagles in CHALLENGE are immune to all tricks or spells.
    · All birds can be shoot off in any round in CHALLENGE.
    · All birds can be shoot off in FREE-HUNT.
    · Unlock INVEST in FREE-HUNT.

    Presented by Copuer Game
    Design: Huang Nai Yuan
    Art: Qiu Cheng Qi
    Program: Lu Jian Feng

    Dear customers:
    If you have any ideas and suggestions for the game, please write in your comments or send mail to us:
    We will try to add them and implement more interesting features accordingly in next updates.

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