Airborne Panda

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    Our lovable panda, Chin Chin, has always wanted to become an astronaut. All of his panda friends have already reached the moon and are playing on the moon park without him. Help Chin Chin become an Airborne Panda and fly to the moon to join his panda friends!

    You can help Chin Chin reach the moon by progressing your way through each day while earning money by collecting stars and going as far as possible. It’s not easy reaching the moon! Birds, blimps, meteors and other enemies will try to get in your way!

    - A lovable Panda
    - 6 Different Upgrades
    - With 3 to 4 different levels per upgrade
    - Over 10 different enemies to compete with

    “Airborne Panda is very fun game! You just want to keep going higher and higher!”

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