Alien Radar




    If you want to be prepared for the upcoming extraterrestrial invasion, then you need Alien Radar! They might already be here!

    Alien Radar is a prank alien radar detector app that attempts to detect the presence of alien invaders using your device sensors. It can then store the detection information to the cloud and allow you to view a Sighting Map of all of the recent alien detections around the globe! And using the Universal Translator feature, Alien Radar will speak to you whenever an alien presence is detected!

    If you believe in extra terrestrial beings and want to be prepared when the extraterrestrial aliens arrive, this app is for you. It is tuned to be able to detect multiple alien races including the greys, altarians, anunnaki, reptillians, zeta reticulans, and more. And keep a close eye on the sighting map to see if any UFOs or other craft have been spotted in your area! A UFO hunters dream.

    Meant for entertainment purposes only.

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