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    Published: 2012-06-29, by .

    Amazeballs is a physics-based puzzle game

    • Great timewaster
    • Playability
    • Original gameplay
    • Graphics
    • It would be great using tilt controls

    "Balls on zero gravity"

    Physics-based games are even more interesting when there are gravitational fields. In this case you have to rotate the world to move a ball (actually it's a gear) and collect all the stars on the stage. The faster you make it the higher you'll score.

    The most interesting part are the "handicaps" or conditions that will be added in each level such a matching ball color with platforms, slow motion, untouchable platforms and so on. Since levels are raging from 10-60 seconds in length this is a perfect casual timewaster.

    Graphics are simple, as usual in this kind of pick-up-and-play games. They should be enhanced certainly. However, the game is entertaining and high playable. The ball is controlled with a screenpad (rotate right/left buttons, color switcher, slow motion, etc). It would be great to choose between motion control and screenpad. In a few words, a good game.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Jun 29, 2012


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    Amazeballs is a physics-based puzzle game where you rotate the world to move the ball under gravity and collect all the stars in the shortest time possible... all while matching your colour to the surfaces you touch.

    With levels ranging from 10-60 seconds in length it's perfect for those pick-up-and-play moments like tea-breaks at work or while commuting.

    Great for both the casual player as well as the more devoted gamer who wants to go for gold on every level.

    Created by Gavin Costello using LibGDX
    Art by Martin Bunker
    Audio by Darren Lambourne

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