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    The big flood is coming, and so is the end of the world!

    ★Game Introduction★
    When God sees that the world is full of wicked people and evil behavior, he decides to use a flood to destroy all of the wicked people to restart a new world. At the same time, he also finds that there is still a good person among the human beings, and that is you! So God directs you to find Noah’s Ark and lead other animals to get away from the disaster.

    When the end of the world is coming, the earth is cracking up, the windows of heaven are wide opened, and the heavy rain lasts for forty days and forty nights. The highest mountains are flooded, and the creatures on the land are all dead. The only way to survive is to find the legendary Ark.

    The big flood is coming, can you find the legendary Ark built by Noah to successfully escape from the disaster? You better run to the heights RIGHT NOW!

    ★Game Features★
    - A variety of exquisite game scenes.
    - Cute and charming animal characters.
    - A self-breakthrough challenge mode.
    - Accomplish the tasks, and challenge the achievements.

    ★Game Description★
    - Use the gravity-sensing mechanism to manipulate the game role. Step on the boards that left from the Ark and gradually jump up to the heights.

    - There will be a lot of monsters blocking your way along the road, all you should do is exert all your strength to jump on them and trample them to death!

    - The dangerous flood is chasing right behind you, you should put all your efforts to escape to the heights.

    - When you are about to be flooded, you can click on the screen to make the role fly, but this will cost you 1 star.

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