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    Get as far as possible and don't be ashamed when you fall

    • Funny, inspired
    • Original concept
    • Entertaining

    "Good grief! We only managed a disgraceful 16 feet before calamity!"

    Autumn Walk is a casual game based on the simple concept of walking your dog around the neighborhood. In this game, the objective is to keep control of your dog and make a good impression, always being elegant and calm in your constitutional.

    The controls are the following: tap the screen to get the dog back onto his feet and press to keep him controlled, always trying to get as far as possible and collecting lots of items that are found in the way. The game ends when the dog is out of control and you fall off your feet by making a scene, which is terribly embarrassing.

    Autumn and Winter Walk -a victorian constitutional inspired app- are both curious and original games, really funny because of the dialogues and monologues. A truly different app with a hipster touch that is both entertaining and endearing, with pixel graphics and a good story behind. Monster and Monster is the developer of Autumn and Winter Walk, which have had a great success in Android.

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    Dec 20, 2012


    Autumn Walk is a quirky little game about walking your dog and is suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations! Lovingly crafted for all you gorgeous people by Monster and Monster - Purveyors of fine interactive wares and exquisitely made cups of tea.

    So put your best foot forward and try to keep control of your newfound canine companion as you embark on an afternoon full of cogitation and curiosities. Remember to dress appropriately and check your journal regularly in this brand new walk-em-up from the creators of Google Play's favourite Victorian constitutional simulator 'Winter Walk'.

    - If your dog gets lazy then tap the screen rapidly to get him back onto his feet
    - If your dog gets too excitable tap and hold the screen to keep in control
    - Time a tap and hold just right and you'll get dragged along with a speed boost!
    - CAREFUL! Hold for too long during a speed boost and the lead will snap and your walk will be over
    - See how far you can go without losing control of your canine companion

    - Keep an eye on the lead. If it starts to wobble like mad then it's about to snap!
    - If you continuously do well you'll be rewarded with shiny gold versions of 'things'

    - Journal to track achievements and 'things' you find
    - Taylor & Sons Tailors for all your tailored needs
    - A range of appropriate Achievements
    - Support for tablet/retina displays

    Help support us in a quest to bring even more fun, free and quirky games to ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations by picking up one (or both!) of the following extras:

    * THE INCREDIBLE OUTFIT PACK is a splendid selection of 10 fantastic costumes each with their own bonus cogitations making for over 300+ extra lines of dialogue! Why not treat yourself and get access to these gorgeous garments...

    Driver - A modern look perfect for anyone with the love of automatic carriages
    Boater - A tasteful boating costume suitable for all river outings
    Tweed - A hard wearing tweed suit for those who work hard
    Magician - Magical attire for illusionists of all ages and skill
    American - A natty ensemble that is all the rage across the pond
    Police - Slip into this uniform for Queen and country as you patrol the park
    Evening - This refined selection is the very pinnacle of comfortable evening wear
    Business - Sophisticated business attire to help finalize those big deals
    Explorer - An outfit suitable for a myriad of adventures both large and small
    Pants - This modified jockstrap is the future of comfortable undergarments

    * THE MECHANICAL MARVEL is a miracle of modern science and comes complete with his own machine dialogue, gold plated bodywork and beating clockwork heart. Become the talk of the town and envy of all your friends by grabbing this stunning piece of Victorian technology!

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