Babsy Baby: Bird & Candy Love




    Get into Babsy’s most fantasy full dream ever.
    Babsy has been put to bed from her parents but, they forgot to put her favorite toy in the baby crib with her. As Babsy is not used to sleep without her fluffy bird toy, she is struggling a lot to get asleep. Therefore when she finally gets asleep, she finds herself immersed into an odd dream where her tender little friend is desperately trying to reach her. In order to reach her, the bird will have to overcome a lot pitfalls. In fact he is just a toy that cannot fly and to reach babsy he will have to bounce between a lot of obstacles and monsters that will try to block his path.
    Your task will be to help the bird find the right track to reach his beloved owner. Some of the creatures and special objects you will encounter during the game can be used to your advantage, others, like the orange fire dragon and the big candy hurricane could kill you.
    Bounce from one object to the other and activate some of the special objects to help this clumsy bird toy reach his goal and eventually embrace his beloved friend. To start move the bird with your finger to the right place and let him fall into the labyrinth.
    This game is a challenging physics based game and each level requires skills and big logic to be solved.
    Try to collect and catch all the candy stars on your path to increase your high score.

    Helpful tools:

    The Icy Dwarf Dragon: You can activate the little dragon’s steam breath when the bird is about to fall out of the game or simply to change his direction.

    Spring: If it is present in the level it represents your last hope of salvation to prevent the bird from falling out of the game and it is activated with your touch.

    Flippers: Drag/pull the rings to move the flippers and give the bird a fast flick like you would do in a pinball game.

    Slingshot: Choose the right angle and balance the power before you shoot; otherwise you won’t get very far.

    Pinball like game - Magical Game
    Baby Game - Bird Game - Funny Game
    High quality 3D graphics
    Funny and interactive characters
    Many puzzles for you to enjoy
    Challenging physics game play
    Many levels and more coming soon
    Sparkling magic candies with special powers

    Tips and tricks:

    Warning: When you meet the angry fire dragon you will have to find the right moment to release the loving bird, otherwise he is going to be burned.

    Advise: The huge clumsy, crazy dinosaur can be used like a fast slope to slide down his back. But you will have to pay attention to his head as you might get stuck / blocked.

    Warning: Do not approach the swirling candy tornado if you do not want to get sucked inside it.

    If the bird hits the fat hippo he will reject it and make it bounce strongly against everything he might encounters on his trajectory.

    The caterpillar works like a conveyor belt; it will stop your bouncing and transport you to another place before he drops you off.

    In some levels there are classic cargo boxes blocking your way and you can touch them to crash/destroy them and free your way.

    The teleporter between the sticks will beam you to a total different place on the board.

    The squirrel cannon blast: Use the nuts bullets to divert the bird’s direction or to steer it to your goal.

    This is a funny and free game. You will have a lot of fun with Babsy Baby: Bird & Candy Love!

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