BallerBurg Castle Fight Deluxe

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    Two castles and a hill between them. That's the situation for your king and "Boor" the ugly warrior on the other side of the hill. Delete his castle or he will delete yours. Shot with a cannon, buy balls and gun powder, repair your castle and try to survive.

    You can play "against the computer" or with a friend in a " two players" mode. Or use the ONLINE-mode for two smartphones.

    The cannon balls will destroy goods and the buildings. If you lost 50% of the structure you will loose the game. But you can reconstruct the castle - if you have enough money for paying the workers.

    Each round you adjust the cannon depending on wind and landscape. Have a look on your flag to see the wind direction, - as long as you have a flag ...

    Earn coins with playing faster then your enemy. You will need a lot of money, if your cannon gets lost...

    Use the teacher mode to learn more about all features of the game. Five lessons will demonstrate how to play. Learn to fire in a exercise mode.

    This DELUXE version offers you:

    + 4 player characters
    + 6 enemy characters (levels)
    + ONLINE mode to combat with your friends
    + Day/Night/Summer/Winter landscape
    + Zoom mode for better display
    + a more accurate cannon
    + more turn time upto 60sec
    + more coins during the game

    There is also a "I Love It" version avaiable where you will become a member of our personal sponsors (price 4,90 EUR).

    Advantages of the "I Love It" Version (coming soon):

    + Your name on the title page: "Thanks to our sponsor ......"
    + Golden plates instead of wodden
    + More castles, characters and landscapes

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