Bartender Blitz




    Being a bartender is hard work. Slinging beers with style will take some finesse. Test your drink serving skills by sliding your finger across the beer. The harder and longer the swipe the further the beer will be served. Serve to the left because the guy in the john has already had too many. How many pints of beer can you serve in a row? This free game is simple and addicting. It is sure to give you more respect for bartenders everywhere! Looking for a good tip? The bar patrons will move each time your serve a beer, so watch the bar closely and try to judge their distance ahead of time. Don't let the beer slide off the edge of the bar or you will be cleaning up glass for the rest of the night.
    Play Bartender Blitz by yourself or pass it around a group of friends to turn it into an addictive drinking game. This is the freshest mobile drinking game on the Android market. Experience for yourself how this game tests your bartending skills in an extremely addicting way. This is the full game for free with minimal ad support.

    Addictive Game Features:

    * Global high scores list
    * Funny graphics and sounds
    * Always free to play
    * Minimal Ad support
    * A great drinking game with friends

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