Baw Wow sheep collection




    "Baw Wow! sheep collection!" - a sheep breeding and wool restoration application!

    You who will inherit a field of sheep to play.
    Let's breed sheep together with a sheepdog and cut the wool!
    An enjoyable wool restoration and breeding game! Let's restore wool for 5 minutes daily at first!
    Let's complete the picture book to shear sheep wool!

    How to play:

    If you give the sheep a hair tonic, beautiful wool will starts growing.
    Tap on it and it would mow pleasantly at a stretch.
    Much wool on new sheep of this field would also grow.
    Lets try and complete the picture album book.

    If the sheep is neglected, wolf will come to attack the sheep.
    since a sheepdog drives away the wolf, also take care of the sheepdog. It will assist you.
    Make new dog house to increase operational power!

    Please note that user data (level, coin, etc.) will be initialized to default if you uninstall the application.

    * When application does not start, please restart the application through task manager.
    * Please connect to visitor's terminal and send any inquiry to our company Gmail address.

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