Bawoon Free




    Be swept away by the playfulness that comes from needlessly popping balloons to pass the time.

    Bawoon is a fast paced arcade/kids game where balloons float upwards on the screen at varying speeds. To acquire points and increase your combo multiplier bonus, the right coloured balloons must be popped. As your combo multiplier rises, so does the speed that the balloons rise. Be careful and try not to pop the wrong coloured balloons as they will ruin your perfect combo. Dotted throughout the balloon cluster are special balloons. Popping these offers players bonus' to their combo multiplier, the ability to slow the ascent of balloons and more.

    Bawoon is simple, fun and easy to pick up and play. A great way to spend some down-time on the bus or train, in the car, at home or anywhere. Dizzying speeds and tough decisions await the player as they play through each of the four game modes. Enjoy the music, challenge yourself and have fun!

    - Bright and playful visual style
    - Relaxing music
    - 4 game modes- Bawoon Burst, Time Trial, Point Play and Combo Breaker
    - Unlockable content
    - Interactive play speed
    - Challenging gameplay

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