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    Greeting my Master, I'm Eva, your electronic planning adviser. I'm instructed to remind you about your tasks for today.
    Please read carefully. Thank you.

    Task list:
    1. Destroy the all the Galaxies in our Universe.
    2. Feed the cat.

    I must warn you that it is not an easy task even for you my Master. Those Galaxies are smart and will try to escape your mighty hand. You have three special Powers in your possession, use them wisely.

    Dark Matter
    Destroys all the Galaxies inside selected area which you have to draw.

    Big Bang
    Destroys the closest Galaxies to the explosion center.

    Creates gravity field which attracts all Galaxies around it.

    And final Warning! Be extremely careful with the cat! You forgot to feed him yesterday.

    I wish you good luck, my Master!

    Game supports all screen sizes. Please contact us if you have any issues.

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