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    Remember the formation and restore it

    • Interesting and original approach
    • Challenging
    • Good design

    "Your memory is required!"

    Want to train the memory? Blobrain is an interactive game that improves your memory skills by having you do some actions and exercises which are, above all, fun to play with.

    What does it consist on? You have 5 seconds to memorize the formation of the blobs and then you'll have to restore them to their original formation by dragging them over the screen and clicking on the clock to see if it's right. At first, you will have some clues that will help you solve the puzzle but it will get more complicated as you keep playing.

    This memory app adds a new twist and it's actually different from most games, which is pretty impressive. We wanted to recommend it and let people know about their more of 100 levels and the different worlds available to play in. Also, if you feel everything's too easy for you, try changing the level difficulty and challenging yourself.

    droidlabor is the developer of Blobrain and the Unlock Key in case you want to have the solutions. Interesting game with many levels and that will keep you playing for a very long time.

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    Sep 18, 2012


    Blobrain - the interactive memory game to get your brain up to speed! Put your mind-skills to the test and memorize the various shapes and colours of the blobs!



    You have 5 seconds to memorize the formation of the blobs, before they get shuffled. The goal is to restore them to their original formation (just drag-and-drop), until time runs up. Do you think you got it right? Click the clock!



    - A plethora of blob types and formations - from a very simple to utterly complex!
    - Ten different worlds to play in - Underwater, Forgotten Forest, Dragon Moon and many more waiting for you to complete! *
    - Every world has its own enemies standing between you and your goal!
    - 100+ levels - post your achievements on our facebook board if you can finish the 100th level and compare with others! *
    - Touch, drag, shake - we don't let your phone's sensors gather dust!
    - Great soundtrack - OST coming soon!
    - Complete "Boss" blobs to finish worlds!
    - 3 difficulty levels for increased replayability.



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    - Collecting flying clocks gives you extra time!
    - Catch those light bulbs to get a reminder!
    - Hitting the clock will show you tickmarks for completed blobs!
    - Destroy enemies with your finger before they damage your work!
    - Want more points? Catch everything you can and be ready as soon as possible!
    - Spider webs on your blobs? Shake them down by shaking your phone!
    - Finished the level? Click on the screen to get to the next one right away!
    - You can even add your own music to the game by placing them here: /sdcard/DroidLabor/blobrain/
    Blobrain plays all MP3s from this directory in shuffle mode.


    * 60 levels can be played with the free version of Blobrain!

    Purchasing a BLOBRAIN UNLOCK KEY on Google Play enables you to enjoy all 100+ levels.


    Special thanks for the additional music to Weldroid !

    Thanks for the test and support to Zoltán 'iONic' Riczkó, Pompi, Welder, and David Barna!




    - bugfix: fixed an issue to work with several Android 4.1 / 4.2 devices as well.


    - bugfix: fixed an issue to work with Android 4.3+


    - DroidLabor's Halloween gift: 60 levels can be played with this update!
    - Main screen's and each level's backgrounds are in higher resolution on large screen devices (looks better on tablets with MDPI screen).


    - Tablets are supported now.
    - Due to the latest performance optimization the game running smoother (up to 2x faster).
    - New adaptive graphical user interface to support various screen resolutions much better.
    - Automatic advice to change the graphical settings in the case of slower performance.
    - Bugfix: bottom UI element does not appeared properly in some specific devices.
    - Other minor fixes.

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