Block Rescue. (Let's Rescue!!)

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    Block Rescue. (Let's Rescue!!)

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    Let's rescue the "Car" by inducing well the falling "Block".

    * Please induction the "Car" to the exit well.

    * The falling "Block" is combined in a square of 1 to 3 pieces.
    _ (There are nine kinds in total.)

    * Falling block is operate with buttons or screen.
    _ (Operation screen tap, flick or button)
    _ 1) Move to the right. (Flick right or right button)
    _ 2) Move to the left. (Flick left or left button)
    _ 3) Fall speed up. (Flick down or down button)
    _ 4) Rotation screen tap.

    * The pieces of "Block" will disappear when aligned in a row in the horizontal direction.

    * There are some stages the "enemy" and/or "special block" appears.

    * Do not hit the "Block" to the "Car" !