Blue Hunter [Supp] PRE-BETA

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    This is the Support Version of this game. There is a free version available on GitHub and XDA.

    Blue Hunter is a level-up game, in which you have to search for Bluetooth devices in range. Each unique device, that you'll find will give you some EXP. While gaining more and more EXP, you will, of couse, get into the next level. That's not all. You will have the chance to decide, if you also want to play against the others, who play this game, too. For that there will be the Leaderboard. Later you will also be able to add friends, make a player vs. player game, establish your own clan, etc. Achievements are also integrated. There are some very funny of them in the game and when accomplishing an achievement you will get a permanent boost of EXP, when finding a new device.

    This game is in PRE-BETA state, so it is likely to crash or functions are not working well or how they should work. This game is developed further consistently.

    I wish you much fun of the game!

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