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    Fun and challenging bubble popping game!

    Very addictive casual game that starts easy but gets harder the longer you play with 3 exciting challenges.

    Free game with full feature support!

    We made our best effort to test on multiple devices, but if you find any issues please contact us at

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    - Bobble Popple is a very simple to learn action based game for all touch screen mobile devices.
    - To pop the bubble, simply touch or swipe through the bubble!
    - Each game starts slow with large bubbles, but as you play the bubbles get faster and smaller.
    - Challenge your skills in 3 game modes.

    Game Modes

    * ARCADE: Pop all of bubbles, but be sure to avoid the skulls!
    The game continues until all the hearts are gone, but continues to
    get harder and faster the longer you hold out.
    * TIME TRIAL: You have 60 seconds to pop as many bubbles as possible.
    Bonus points awarded for:
    *Getting all of the bubbles
    *Popping lots of lucky bubbles
    *Popping one bubble of each color
    *Popping all of the bubbles of one color
    *Popping several bubbles of the same color in a row
    *Matching your best score
    *Beating your best score
    * UPDRAFT: Pop all of the bubbles as they drift upwards. The game ends after the hearts run out.


    - Awesome graphics with fluid animations.
    - Multiple theme options allow you to customize music and backgrounds.
    - All game modes have individual player ranking system based on the highest level/score achieved.
    - Your rank naturally improves along with your skill as you play again and again, thats what makes the game so addictive.
    - Complexity of the game increases progressively as you get better at each board.


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