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    Published: 2013-02-07, by .

    Slide and match, pop and tap

    • Entertaining for kids and families
    • Simple interface
    • Not really new

    "A balloon game for each mood"

    Boom Balloons is a puzzle game especially addressed to kids and includes three different game modes and a child-friendly interface for kids, full of colorful balloons.

    If you're curious regarding each mode, here it goes. In Classic, you need to slide the adjacent balloons in order to match three of the same color in a row or column. In Paris mode, you should mark paths of adjacent balloons of the same color, trying to mark as many as possible. Finally, in Rome, the objective is to pop groups of adjacent balloons of the same color and do ti quickly.

    This is a very relaxing game with a simple premise, but it can be quite fun. TSP mobile solutions is a developer company from Poland and have created Boom Ballons, a nice game for playing together as a family and experiencing the different modes, one for each mood. Entertaining and easy to understand.

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    Feb 07, 2013


    Boom Balloons is a simple and fun set of puzzle and mark 3 games for adults and for kids. Please note, that despite the colorful graphics, this game is NOT primarily directed to children but contains game modes, which are very easy and can attract children's attention : for example egypt or paris.

    1. In "classic" mode - it is a hardest mode, tap and slide the adjacent balloons to form groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color in a row or in a column. Matching four or more balloons spawns special "bonus" balloons.

    2. In "paris" mode - mark paths of neighboring bubbles in the same color (horizontal, vertical or at an angle). If you mark at least 7 balloons you achieve one of the extra bonuses. The more balloons you mark, the higher the score.

    3. In "rome" mode – find groups of neighboring balloons and pop the balloons of the same color (adjacent vertically or horizontally). The faster you pop and the bigger groups you eliminate, the more points you earn. If you mark at least 8 balloons you obtain one of the extra bonuses (the balloon you started marking from will get bonus). If you make a mistake you will lose some time.

    4. In "sydney" mode - mark paths of at least three neighboring balloons in the same color (horizontal or vertical). To win you must remove ALL balloons from the board. If you win, difficulty level will be increased, if you loose, it will be decreased (this mode is only in trial mode)

    5. In "egypt" mode - classic balloon popper, remove as many as possible balloons in the same color. This mode is very easy and only this is dedicated for kids or even for a young child!

    6. In "puzzle" mode - remove all balloons. You can remove 2 or more balloons in line.

    Collect points and share your score online!

    - six different game modes,
    - simple rules,
    - colorful graphics,
    - relaxing, attractive and addictive gameplay,
    - online, global cross-platform high score table (needs internet access).

    Pop and splash the bubbles in Boom Balloons and mark them three in line.

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