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    ★★★★★ Permission Explanation:
    The new multi-devices feature uses your network and QR Code reader, other permissions are required by Vpon, ads provider. More details about Vpon:

    ★★★★★ New Multi-Devices feature!
    Now, you can play Booming Number with your friends and their own Android phone!

    ★★★★★ This is a simple game that let YOU and YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY play together for fun in a meeting/party. Each player chooses a number in the given range. Who chose the booming number would be the loser and some MANUAL punishments should be treated. :p

    ★★★ FAQ ★★★
    Q1. I met the [Error: Package file is invalid] problem, please help me!
    A1: Please refer the following link, this is a known issue of Google Play Store or downloading error:

    We also met this issue this afternoon (Jun 14, 2012), without any new updates, we installed Booming Number in the evening successfully.

    Q2. It seems like there are some rules for Booming Number?
    A2: No! It's all about random number. Just like another user has mentioned, the range will be decreased due to the number you entered. And according to the probability, it's harder to choose the Booming Number than others. Even in the last round to play in a challenge, you still have 50% not to choose the Booming Number. That's why you think always the last player to get the Booming Number! You should avoid to choose the Booming Number for sure, it's not a bug, it's all about your luck! Have a great gaming time!

    Q3. Can I set the Upper Bound myself?
    A3: Click the "Menu" -> "Settings" to change the Upper Bound for Range. Booming Number doesn't support the manual setting for the range since the range could be decreased very fast if you often chose the middle number of the range. And we believe that 2-digit/3-digit upper bounds is suitable for common use for you and your friends/family. Also, the UI looks better and comfortable for showing 2 and 3 digits. Thanks for your support and play.

    Q4. I want to edit the punishments!
    A4: Yes, you can edit the punishments (dare) you want! Click MENU when you at the screen of switching the punishment mode. Enjoy it!

    Q5. Boring game!
    A5: NOKIA said "Human Technology", and we love it. This is a simple game that let you connect with people. It's not a lonely game. It's about playing together.

    If you have further problems or suggestions, you are very welcome to visit our website and fan page on facebook since we can't reply your feedback in Google Play Store:


    1.6.1 & 1.6.2
    ▪ The background sound will be rush when the Booming Number is coming.
    ▪ Russian Roulette optimized.

    ▪ Added Russian Roulette for punishment.
    ▪ Edit your own punishments by clicking "menu" in punishments view.
    ▪ You can support us by buying more punishment items.

    ▪ Background sound bug fixed.

    ▪ Added an option for the range from 0 to 999.
    ▪ Fixed the display problem for low-resolution mobile phone.

    ▪ Layout and button style changed.

    ▪ Added volume control setting.
    ▪ Sound effect changed.

    ▪ Added Landscape view.
    ▪ Bug Fixed.

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