Bouncing Bombs!




    NOTE: Unfortunately, the leaderboard service used for Bouncing Bombs appears to have shut down. Until a new leaderboard service can be located, this feature of Bouncing Bombs will, sadly, be non-functional :(

    "[I]ts free, it doesn’t try to get any money from you, and most importantly, its fun as all hell." -

    Meet Bobby, the Friendly Bomb. Tick, tick, tick... BOOM! Bobby has exploded.

    Don't let that happen to Bobby! Avoid OBSTACLES! Unleash POWER-UPS! Collect COINS! And, save the PRINCESS! Wait, what?!?! There ain't no princess in this game.

    Welcome to the ever-changing world of Bouncing Bombs! The goal is simple: Keep Bobby from exploding for as long as possible. The longer Bobby survives, the more your score grows. The higher your score, the higher you'll climb on the worldwide leaderboards.

    Draw temporary barriers to ricochet Bobby in the direction you'd like him to travel. Collect the good stuff... Avoid the bad... and use a power-up or two for goodness sake (No, really! It'll make your life easier). Reap your rewards and spend them in the Equipment shop.

    The environment is always in flux. That wall over there? Yep, it's gone now. Can't navigate to that power-up? Give it a moment, a path might open up. When you finally hear that BOOM. No worries. Just start ricocheting Bobby around all over again!

    Each game round is different from the last to ensure that you'll always enjoy a unique experience.

    - Dynamically changing environment: Each game-play session is unique
    - Test your mind and reflexes: Predict where Bobby is headed and react to ricochet him to where you want him to go
    - Worldwide Leaderboards: See how you stack up against the world
    - Multiple game modes: Power-up Bobby for big scores in Normal mode or test your raw talent in Hard
    - Customize your game with unlockable Backgrounds and Power-Ups
    - Casual game play: Easy to learn. Challenging to master

    Permissions Explained:
    - Network Communication: Full network access - Used to send high score information to the Leaderboard Servers
    - Network Communication: Google Play billing service, view network connections - Allows user to optionally donate money if (s)he enjoys playing the game.

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