BrickItBreaker (Bricks)




    BrickItBreaker (Bricks)
    - This is a Breakout type of game.

    Now Version 2.0 available !
    Overall it has been upgraded.
    Please enjoy a completely new game to get the latest version.

    . Game to defeat the bricks can be reflected the ball with a paddle
    . Cleared stage, it can play can be re-select and play.
    . 13 categories, 520 stages, let's play.

    [How to play]
    . Touch the screen to start the game allows you to move the ball.
    . Move reflector to ensure keep the ball moving, to break a bricks.
    . Items hidden in the bricks eating out a special feature.
    (Long made paddle, bullet, and support items such as multi-ball)
    . Please clear the stage to overcome the interference of UFO.
    . Please try to compete with people around the world ranking.

    Breakout a STRESS !!!

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