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    Published: 2012-12-12, by .

    Let Bob the bubble exit the maze and avoid all the obstacles

    • Challenging
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    • Design could be better

    "Trapped Bubble"

    Bubblaze is a casual arcade game where you need to help Bob escape an underwater labyrinth and avoid the obstacles that appear on the way.

    Although it might seem easy enough, the gameplay is actually quite challenging as you need to tilt the phone in order to guide Bob through the maze and take the obstacles into account at the same time. Also, as you advance through the levels, new features and elements keep appearing, some of which will hinder your game. The app includes 20 levels to play, growing in difficulty.

    The design is not really spectacular, they graphics are fairly simple and we would appreciate if they were more clean and aesthetic, creating a better experience for the game. TotMob is the developer of Bubblaze, a fun puzzle application with a particularly challenging gameplay but improvable graphics.

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    Dec 12, 2012


    Help Bob the Bubble escape complicated and dangerous subaquatic labyrinths!

    Bubblaze is a maze game where you have to navigate labirynths that get ever more complex while avoiding various dangerous obstacles. There are 20 levels that range from easy to very challenging, that will provide you with many hours worth of entertainment.

    Visual treatment:
    Everything in the games is underwater/bubble themed. The menu options are in the shape of bubbles, that pop in a satisfying way when clicked. Bob the bubble has a happy little face, and changes expression in an amusing way when he bumps into obstacles and edges in the mazes. If you happen to pop him, he dissapears in a flush of bubbles that`s not overdramatic. The maze has a transparent glassy high gloss feel that`s very pleasant and high tech.

    Sound effects:
    The game has a soundscape that is underwater themed. The sounds range from bubbles to more unusual pops and echos. To complement this soundscape, we composed a theme tune that`s a perfect fit. It has an understated melody with quirky sounds that adds to the overall experience.

    Initially the gameplay is simple enough. Bob the Bubble enters the maze, and you have to navigate him all the way to the exit. A little maze map at the bottom right of the screen helps you see where you need to go, though it`s not always obvious. As you move beyond the initial maze levels, obstacles start showing up, that will make things dangerous for Bob. Large spikes can pop him, directional barbs will only let him pass in one direction, you'll need to get the timing right to get through some doors, in other cases you need to activate the door to open it. Finally there are the bottlenecks, that need to be passed at speed, and for this you need to activate the turbines that will push you through.

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