Bubble Popping




    Bubble Popping – For Adults and Kids

    There are now 2 ways to play bubble popping :-

    Just relax, chill out, de-stress, pop some bubbles and watch the other bubbles drift around the screen.

    For the more competitive out there - try and score as many points as possible by bumping bubbles of the same colour into each other.

    For example if two yellow bubbles bump then you get a point. The faster they bump together the more points you score. Any score over 100 is good, but scores much higher are possible with careful planning and fast small bubbles.

    Either way we hope you have hours of fun Popping Bubbles.

    In today's busy world its good to unwind, relax and let that stress flow away. Space Invades, Alien Swarm and Call of Duty are all fab games, but there are times when we just need to unwind and our little Bubble Popping app is designed just for those times.

    With each little “pop” relax and watch the other bubbles drift around.

    It will also keep your kids amused for hours (okay perhaps 10 minutes). You also have the option to turn on the prize feature, here we hide pictures of cute animals behind some of the bubbles, this way the app can become more of a family game or even an educational app that you can play with younger kids.

    If you really want more of a puzzle based game, then please check out our Agga Pop app, its very similar to “Bubble Popping” but you need to get some bubbles home to win which is not as easy as it sounds.

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