Try Space Coast Area Transit's new multi-level game. Simple enough for a young child, yet engaging enough for an adult. Designed to remind the player of the importance and efficiency of mass transit, and the skill involved in driving a bus.

    Gasinator - If more people rode the bus, we’d need fewer gas stations. Tap the top and bottom right of your screen to zap the gas stations and turn them into a flower garden. Watch out for road construction and don’t forget to pick up your passengers along the way!

    Commuter Converter - Reduce the number of cars on the road by tapping them and converted the drivers into bus commuters. But don't tap a bus or you loose a turn.

    Bus Roadeo - Find out what it takes to be a skilled award winning Space Coast Area Transit vehicle operator. Maneuver your bus though the cones and tight parking spots.

    Every time you beat a level see an animated music video with the songs from our latest TV commercials.

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