Busy Flower Bed




    "Busy Flower Bed" is a game to make a flower bed bloom.

    When you tap a flower bed, a girl moves there.
    You tap a sprinkler button and put up water.

    When a flower withers up, the flower does not grow.
    I do my best, and let's put up water.

    When you let all the clear flowers(light blue) bloom within 90 seconds, a stage is clear.
    But clear flowers do not include water when other flowers do not become in full bloom more than half.

    When an ageing flower(purple) withers up, let's be careful because the flower of the circumference withers up.

    The green caterpillar which sometimes appears eats a flower.
    You must exterminate a green caterpillar by taking water.

    The flower bed is ten kinds in total.
    A level rises and is another one round when I clear all flower beds.

    When you start a game in a title screen, you can choose a favorite stage from a level and the flower bed which you were able to clear.

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