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    Butterfly Crush Crush will make you enjoy chasing the butterflies and catching them in the summer atmosphere. This crashing butterflies game will be a game to relieve stress with beautiful and colorful theme like cundy crus theme. It assumes that you are riding an elephant to crush a butterfly. All you have to do is capture a lot of the butterflies and enjoy, Done! So this game is suitable for children, young teenagers up to an aunt.

    You may feel that the swing or smash a net is quite difficult. It is because you are on the back side of elephant so It is common to be difficult. :-D

    Do not enjoy to crush the butterflies too much. Be careful with the bees If you go catch it You will get hurt.
    I warn you again, crashing bees will lost your life and it's more hurt than crashing ants for sure

    You can enjoy and relieve your stress by catching the butterflies until the sun set and then the time for fireflies hunter has come!! This mean that this game has both sunny day and cool night. At noon you can catch, crushing or smash the butterflies but, at night, you can catch the fireflies. Undoubtedly, the bees will follow to smash you even at night.

    - There are four colors of butterflies and fireflies that you can catch them.
    - Get bonus points for you in every level.
    - Get number of butterflies to get a life.
    - Fun with sunny day and cool night atmosphere.
    - Can share score to your friends through Facebook

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