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    It's time for Buzzer Arena!

    Play this multiplayer game with up to 4 players on one screen, mobile device, tablet! Show your skills in various mini-games and triumph over your friends.

    And if you want to play alone, try out the single player mode - you earn coins to unlock new mini-games and buzzers, get ranked in the online Leaderboards.

    Game Modes:

    ★ Multiplayer

    Whether 2 players, 3 players or 4 players - Choose your favorite buzzer, the right sound and the number of rounds and go.

    The history keeps track of your triumphs and/or defeats.

    ★ Solo

    How many rounds can you survive before your three lives are gone?

    Your success will be displayed in two highscores (alltime and survival)

    Prove that you're better than the rest of the world.

    The following mini-games are waiting for you:

    ★ equation - This math game will put your knowledge to the test. Who is better at mental arithmetic wins.

    ★ insect swarm - The kitchen floor is full of insects - Can you count them all?

    ★ goalgetter - Shoot at the right moment to hit the goal in this football soccer game.

    ★ weekdays - What day was yesterday, when tomorrow is Sunday? Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?

    ★ Basketball - you have to throw at the right moment to score.

    ★ Treasure Maze - Will our adventurer get the treasure in the confusing maze?

    ★ color = word - Quite simple - Does the color match the word?

    ★ Hungry Monkey - The monkey is hungry for a tasty banana, but will he get it? In this skill game you must buzzer only when the monkey can reach the banana. Any similarity to classics like Nintendo's Donkey Kong and Super Mario is purely coincidental. :D

    ★ heavyweights - The Floodimals animals have their big show - the cute animals want to be weighed by you.

    ★ cards - Memory - Remember the displayed cards and hit the buzzer when the same combination is once again exposed.

    ★ puzzle pieces - you love to do puzzles? In this popular game you will come at your expense.

    ★ Start light - Start with green light ..

    ★ country flags - Recognize the flag of every country

    ★ animal collisions - Meet the moment when an animal behind a cloud collides with another

    ★ coin counters - Can you calculate the sum of a handful of coins fast enough?

    ★ Billiard - Ready for a game of pool billard?

    Unlockable Games:

    ★ Country sketches - Are you good enough at geography? can you recognize the sketches of the displayed countries?

    ★ Color Splash: When mixing red and blue - what color do you get? The answer can be found in this game.

    ★ Snapshot - Take a picture of the UFO before it´s gone


    ★ hamster, toilet, skull, disk, donut, dragons eye, mouth, Yin Yang, hedgehog, hippo


    ★ horn, punch, burp, fart, sheep

    If you enjoy multiplayer games like 2 player reactor, 4 player reactor, paper war, Quisr, four in a row, tic tac toe, bingo, Glow Hockey, Blobby Volleyball, Chess, Pocket Soccer, Multiponk, Checkers, Gravity Guy then you will love Buzzer Arena

    It's also perfectly suited as a drinking game, party game, educational game

    It´s buzzer time!

    Credits: Stickinthemud ( libGDX, Box2D, Swarm Connect

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