Corporate babble generator. Not some little wimpy thing that just generates 6-word phrases; Buzzphrase advances the state of the art in babbling, with a grammar-driven engine that produces a rich variety of random business drivel, accompanied by more or less suitable clip art. It also allows you to share the generated babble, or copy the text to the clipboard. Combines a mission statement generator and a random policy generator.

    Privacy policy:

    Buzzphrase does not collect any of your information, except that, no more than once a week, it fetches a tiny file (currently 0 bytes) from my server, which means that my server logs your IP address and User-Agent (which may contain information such as your Android version and device). I promise not to share this information with any third party (unless I get a court order or similar, of course). My logs do not contain any other personally identifiable information.

    Some examples of Buzzphrase's babble:

    We truly believe in evaluating market-leading seamless, dynamic chemistry solutions by suppressing the dreams of our associates with teamwork and customer-centric management practices, while maintaining our focus on the bottom line.

    The robustness of our market-driven, high-performance, web-ready search architecture, and developing equality of opportunity, will ensure our success in the domestic market.

    Our most important priority is coordinating superb distinctive, authoritative search deliverables, because excellent businesses want satisfaction.

    Our primary priority is strategizing customer-centric utilitarian, next-generation incentive management opportunities, while developing quality.

    We honestly believe in recontextualizing advanced utilitarian, distinctive search deliverables by disintermediating market-leading object-oriented, high-performance incentive management databases with commitment and superb management practices.

    The subjectivity of our competitive, turnkey, organic computation engine will ensure our dominance in the government market.

    We truly believe in disseminating multidisciplinary authoritative, organic analytics products by destroying the hopes of our human resources with quality and excellent management processes.

    Because our CEO needs to achieve our milestone of avoiding the reasonable punishment for misappropriating passwords from Senators, effective immediately, all text messages must be in 9 point Comic Sans.

    The CEO and the Board are happy to divulge that gross income from Facilities for the last month rose by one trillion yen. For this reason, for the duration of Project Thackeray, all left-handed janitorial partners will have to go to the Kabul office at least seven times per hour.

    In order to reduce marketing miscommunication, starting Monday, all customer visits will be paid for by Fred in Engineering.

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