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    Are you a food lover? Ever dream of running your own restaurant, or perhaps a cafe? Then dream no more, and play Cafe World – an all new time management game that lets you experience what it’s like to run a cafe of your own.

    Get your cafe game mitts on, and enter a world of food and breakfast madness. Experience the craziness of managing your own café during rush hour. Serve as many hungry customers as you can with dishes and beverages of their choice in this fast paced, thrilling game where you will be able to keep track of your performance.

    Show the world the hidden food connoisseur within you by serving coffee, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and become the king of all things breakfast by unlocking as many achievements as you can. Don't just stop there, write your own cafe story. Make your story come to life; chapter by chapter, in Cafe World!

    ✔ Exciting time management gameplay that keeps you engaged for hours.
    ✔ 15+ unlockables to keep the game experience fresh and evolving and to give the player a sense of growth as your café garners more fame.
    ✔ Innovative and accessible interface optimized for touch-based devices that lets you play casually with a single hand as fast and fluidly as you would with both.
    ✔A whole set of achievements to unlock and brag about over Google Play Games*.
    ✔ Endless progression – watch your fast food joint flourish day-by-day.
    ✔Several unique customers, each with their own behavior patterns and requirements.
    ✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals; with an art style that appeals to kids and adults alike.

    * All achievements are in-game only at the moment. Google Play Games support to be added in the future.

    Cafe World - Copyright © ICAW – 2013

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