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    Published: 2013-11-25, by Ana Gracia.

    Make the background clear and

    • Many power-ups and levels
    • Fun, addictive
    • Challenging
    • Still, a matching game

    "Candy Down!"

    Candy Mania is a casual puzzle game where you should try to complete all the levels with the highest possible rating.

    How to achieve that? Remove candies by matching three or more of the same kind together and do it quickly so you completely clear the background layer and make the candy star appear. Then, your goal will be bringing that candy to the bottom.

    The game is pretty entertaining and has different stages within the same game, which we highly appreciate. However, it still doesn't add anything new and has graphics which could be improved.

    Top Casual Game is the developer of Candy Mania and other simple puzzle games which you will also enjoy if you're into these type of games. Simply fun, not much else to show. More than 350 levels, you won't finish it soon!

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Nov 25, 2013


    Candy Mania,Your main goal is to pass the levels and try to get all Stars for each level.
    How to play:
    1. Match 3 or more identical Candy to eliminate them!
    2. Match the Candy until the board transparency,the Candy star will appear.
    3. Make the Candy Mania down to last line to pass the level.
    Tips: Eliminate the Candy quickly can get extra scores.
    Game Features:
    1. More than 350 levels and 8 pretty scenes in the game, including starry sky,mountains,snow world and so on.
    2. Match 4 Candy can win the Candy bomb and 1 lighting.
    3. Match 5 Candy can win color-changing Candy and 2 lightings.
    4. Eliminate 20 Candy continuous can win 1 lighting.
    5. The Candy bomb can eliminate the Candy around.
    6. The Color-changing Candy can eliminate to any other colored Candy.
    7. The Timing Candy can extend the playing time.
    8. The lightning Candy can eliminate Candy in one row.
    9. For the chained Candy, you can eliminate the Candy around to unlock it.
    10. For the frozen Candy, you can eliminate the Candy around to release it.

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