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    In this virtual cat care game, you will adopt a cat, raise it and take care of your virtual kitten, like a typical breeding game.
    You can feed your cat, clean and love it and you can even play with your virtual pet.
    This retro game is designed with old school graphics and brings you back to the 90s.

    Features of Cat Care:
    - adopt a cat
    - Different cat races
    - Name your virtual kitten
    - Your virtual cat grows over time
    - Different Walls and Floors
    - Feed your animal
    - Clean your virtual pet
    - Love your virtual cat
    - Play with your cat (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Mouse game)
    - Sleep

    Warning: Your cat will bring you joy and fun but be careful: If you don't care your pet and you leave your kitten alone for too long, your cat will die.

    Instructions for your virtual pet:
    First time you start Cat Care, click on the red present and your new virtual kitten will appear. Each time you start a new game you will get a randomly cat race, so you'll never know what you get, which make things more interesting. At the moment this cat game has 10 different cats available to adopt and one hidden pet, which will be unlocked and available for adoption if you play it long enough.
    Click on the "Tools" icon in the upper right corner to give your virtual pet a name or to change the floor or wall.
    At the bottom of the screen there are 5 icons:
    - Lamp: click on it to send your virtual pet to sleep or wake it up. To load up the tiredness bar put your cat in sleep state.
    - Hand: move you finger over it to pick up the hand and move the hand over the cat to stroke it. This will affect the loveliness bar.
    - Joystick: click on it to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the virtual cat. This will also load up the loveliness bar.
    - Food: If your virtual cat has hunger in this animal game you have to move your finger over the food icon to pick up the food, move it to the food bowl and release your finger. Your cat will go to the food bowl itself if it is hungry. This will load up the hungriness bar.
    - Water: move your finger over it to pick up the water, move it to the food bowl and release your finger to give your animal fresh water. Your cat will go to the food bowl itself if it is thirsty. This will load up the thirstiness bar of your virtual cat.
    - Scoop: move your finger over it to pick up the scoop, move it to the litter and release your finger. This will clean the litter if it is full and loads up the cleanness bar.
    You can also click on your virtual pet. Sometimes it will meow and is talking with you.
    In the upper right corner the virtual pet age is displayed. There a four different ages in this casual game: Baby (Kitten), Teeny, Adult and Senior.
    In this virtual animal game you don't have to earn coins like in other animal games and will not bother you with notifications from your pet health. All you have to do is to look at your cat from time to time and take care of your virtual friend to keep your kitten alive.

    Next steps for further versions of this virtual pet game:
    - Audio support (nearly completed since v1.0.4 or higher)
    - more Locations for your virtual cat
    - more Minigames for your virtual animal
    - more virtual pets to adopt. Savannah, Serval
    - plans for dog version

    If there are any bugs in this retro game or you just have suggestions for future versions of this game, please send me an email.

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: As this is the free version of Cat Care, some ads are shown in the game. If you don't like this, please upgrade to the Adfree Version of Cat Care.
    The required permissions can be found in Tab "Permissions".

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