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    The Catch Me Online Application is a brand new revolutionary game, which allows you to see the world in a new way. Just imagine: the streets you are accustomed to will become the stage where a real “hunter and victim” chase will unfold and at any moment it may be you who will have the opportunity to play one of these roles. Any passerby may turn out to be a hunter or a victim. Stay alert!

    Rules of the game

    Modes of the game
    There are two modes of the game: 1 on 1 and 5 on 5.
    The 1 on 1 mode involves two players: the hunter and the victim. The role is assigned to a user at random during the search.
    The 5 by 5 mode can include ten players at a time. Once again, the roles are assigned at random.

    Preliminary terms and conditions
    Before the game, in his profile the user must indicate the city in which he will play.
    The search of the players is carried out under the following conditions:
    1. The players are in the same city;
    2. The distance between the possible players ranges from 150 to 800 meters.
    3. The players are not engaged in other games at the moment.

    Start of the game
    The user may start a game session in two ways:
    1. The search.
    To start a game, the user must select one of the game modes, 1 on 1 or 5 on 5 After the selection, the search will start of the players.
    2. The search of the participants of the game may take some time. If successful, the user will see a list of possible participants.

    The game
    The game interface.
    For the convenience of the game the user has a game interface with the following symbols:
    1) Radar - it displays points that indicate the current location of all the players in relation to the user.
    2) Distance - it indicates the distance to the enemy in meters.
    3) Skills - a list of special gaming skills which can be used in combat. It is important to remember that every power takes time to recharge after use.
    4) Countdown timer - it is activated at the moment the user enters combat with the enemy.
    The combat
    The combat between the players may start in two cases:
    1. The hunter approaches the victim to a distance of 100 meters or less. The victim must increase the distance to more than 100 meters within next 30 seconds. Otherwise, after 30 seconds, the prey loses.
    2. The victim departed from the hunter at a distance of 200 meters and more. The hunter must reduce the distance to 200 meters or less. Otherwise, after 30 seconds, the victim wins.
    1 on 1 mode
    The game ends in defeat one of the players.
    5 on 5 mode
    The game ends when there is be no more victim on the radar.

    Victory and defeat
    At the end of the game each player is credited with a certain amount of coins and experience points depending on the game mode.

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