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    Get ready to be the talk of Hollywood with Celebrity Story! Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and most of their celeb friends need to keep up with the latest trends of the fashion world and they can’t do it without your help. Time to seize the opportunity using your designs and fashion sense to help all these celebs and become a celebrity yourself.

    Celebrity Story lets you run your own designer label in the heart of Hollywood, with celebrities flocking from all corners of LA. It’s time to write your own story of fame and fortune with Celebrity Story – the latest time management game of its kind. Be the latest gossip in the celebrity world and become a name revered by all the stars of Hollywood.

    Keep those celebrities happy and they will definitely recommend you to their friends. Make more money and expand your product line bringing in the latest fashion trends from all four corners of the world. The next time celebs like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez release a single, they should be wearing your clothes, jewelry and accessories.


    ✔ Over 10 celebrities including;
    ✔ Justin Bieber
    ✔ Selena Gomez
    ✔ Katy Perry
    ✔ Lady Gaga
    ✔ Rihanna
    ✔ PSY
    ✔ Justin Timberlake
    ✔ Miley Cyrus
    ✔ Taylor Swift
    ✔ Bruno Mars
    ✔ Nicki Minaj
    ✔ 15+ unlockables to keep the game experience fresh and evolving and to give the player a sense of growth as your celebrity fashion house gradually becomes the most sought out designer label among movie stars, celebrities and fashionistas around the globe.
    ✔ Innovative and accessible interface optimized for touch-based devices that lets you play casually with a single hand as fast and fluidly as you would with both.
    ✔ A whole set of achievements to unlock and brag about over Google Play Games*.
    ✔ Endless progression – watch your celebrity store earn more and more with each and every passing day.
    ✔ Several unique celebrities and stars, each with their own behavior patterns and requirements.
    ✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals; with an art style that appeals to kids and adults alike.

    * All achievements are in-game only at the moment. Google Play Games support to be added in the future.

    Celebrity Story tracks stats of everything you do. The number of celebs you’ve served, the amount of cash you’ve earned, number of days you’ve spent in the game – everything. The better you play, the more achievements you’ll unlock, and the more you can boast about it to your friends.

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