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    Discover the timeless excitement of Championship Checkers, the most fully-featured checkers game for Android. Championship Checkers delivers a game with personality:

    ✔ Discover 9 amusing computer opponents to both challenge and entertain you
    ✔ Enjoy a sense of accomplishment as you (re)master Checkers game play
    ✔ Sharpen your skills with Questie, our adorable in-game DreamCoach™ dragon
    ✔ Improve your game as you learn not just what to play, but why
    ✔ Explore in-game options hint and cheat options
    ✔ 8 Checkers variations

    ★★★★★ My favorite Checkers app! - Ron L.
    "I haven't played Checkers since I was a kid, but I've played everyday since downloading Championship Checkers!"

    Enjoy unlimited free checkers games with this interactive version. Playing checkers is simple and an intuitive menu system will let you explore a variety of game options. Easy enough for your inner child and engaging enough for your adult side. You'll enjoy unlocking options that keep you engaged once you've mastered the free version.

    This FREE version of Championship Checkers includes the following:

    ✔ Unlimited Games
    ✔ Single and Two Player Modes
    ✔ Colorful HD Graphics
    ✔ Engaging DreamCoach™
    ✔ Educational Checkers Tutorial
    ✔ Friendly Beginner AI
    ✔ 3 Entertaining Characters
    ✔ Realistic Sounds and Player Taunts

    Universal app features HD graphics for Xoom and other hi-res tablet devices and newer Android phones running Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich (3.x) as well as support for older Android phones running Froyo 2.2 or Gingerbread 2.3.

    For even more challenge, you can optionally purchase these add-ons:

    1) No Ads Add-on for Checkers -
    ✔ Disable third-party banner ads
    ✔ Disable in-house and addon banner ads
    ✔ Support the developer
    ✔ Have more space to play!

    2) Expert Bot Add-on for Checkers - Bring on the challenge
    ✔ Play Against Our Toughest Master Characters:
    - the vivacious Amber
    - the brainy Nicole
    - the flirty Wes

    3) Practice Add-on for Checkers - Sharpen Your Skills and Polish Your Plays:
    ✔ Undo
    ✔ Auto Hint
    ✔ Play Suggested
    ✔ Replay Hand
    ✔ Switch Sides
    ✔ Random Layout

    4) Cheats Add-on for Checkers - Stack the deck 5 different Ways:
    ✔ Illegal Plays
    ✔ Promote
    ✔ Demote
    ✔ Nuke
    ✔ Custom Arrange Board

    5) Master Bot Add-on for Checkers - Advance to Master Level with Expert Coaching
    ✔ Play Against Our Toughest Master Characters:
    - the crafty and sly Chuckles
    - the whimsical and brainy Sparky
    - the musical and sharp Starla

    6) Variations Add-on for Checkers - 8 new Checkers variations:
    ✔ Classic - Classic Rules
    ✔ All Kings - Promotions for All!
    ✔ Double - Two Games at Once, both Black and Red Squares!
    ✔ Flying Kings - Kings fly down the diagonal
    ✔ Speed - Timed Game
    ✔ Suicide - Giveaway pieces
    ✔ Draughts - International 10x10 board
    ✔ Brazilian - International rules, 8x8 board

    7) Personalized Avatar for Checkers - Change your in-game player avatar
    ✔ Select and Save Your Personalized Avatar
    ✔ Create New Avatars Directly From Your Built-in-Camera
    ✔ Import a Photo from the Albums on Your Device

    8) Custom Character Creator for Checkers - Create and customize new opponents
    ✔ Build New Custom Characters
    ✔ Select Opponent Characteristics:
    - Beginner, Expert or Master
    - Timid, Competative, Agressive
    - Forgetful, Sharp, Wise
    - Wild, Flexible, Predictable.
    ✔ Use Your Own Photos to Represent New Characters
    ✔ Save Character Settings.

    9) Royal Treatment Add-on for Checkers - all 8 addons for one low price
    ✔ No Ads, Experts, Masters,
    ✔ Cheats, Variations, Practice,
    ✔ Personalized Avatar, Custom Character Creator
    ✔ Save 40% over purchasing separately

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