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    Published: 2013-01-29, by Ana Gracia.

    Rescue her by protecting your land and attacking the evil villains

    • Has potential, could be fun
    • Not very clear because of the language

    "A chicken princess has been kidnapped"

    In Chicken Wars, the objective is to protect the beautiful princess of the chicken kingdom, who has been kidnapped.

    You need to command some chicken soldiers, equip them with whatever they need to fight and guide them through the scene to do all the tasks that are required to do in order to save the princess. How can you play? Touch the icons to produce chicken soldiers, who will move by themselves if you point the targets. Unfortunately, the instructions are not in English and for that reason, the game is harder to understand and figure it out.

    FAG Studio is the developer of ChickenWars (Tower defense), a game that could be much better if the instructions were clear for everyone and the graphics were improved too. There are some upgradable items and new units can be unlocked by clearing stages.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Jan 29, 2013


    English Ver

    Chicken Wars is a tower-defense-like game from FAG STUDIO!
    Take command over chicken army to siege enemy bases.

    The princess of peaceful Chicken Kingdom has been
    kidnapped by evil monsters!
    Command and upgrade the variety of chicken soldiers
    excelled in sword, spear, archery, magic of the wind, etc.
    to overpower the enemies!

    *How to play
    - Touch icons to produce chicken soldiers. Produced chickens will move and on its own.

    - Chicken Power which is needed to produce chicken soldiers increase as time goes by.

    - By touching an enemy or enemy building, you can make chicken soldiers nearby attack the touched unit as a priority target.

    - By flicking the screen, you can make chicken soldiers move.

    - You can upgrade soldiers and facilities with the coins you get by, for example, destroying an enemy building.

    - You can unlock new unit types by consuming crystals you get by, for example, clearing a stage.

    *Game features

    - Chicken soldiers have characteristic skills depending on the weapons.
    Work out your strategy considering their skills for infinite playability!!

    - Soldiers do not require your command and move on its own,
    so you can enjoy watching the moves of the cute (?) chickens.

    - Beating all the stages once is not the end of the game.
    You can play another round again and again without losing current status.
    Enemies become stronger and stronger each round,
    so you can enjoy more thrilling gameplay.

    *Future updates
    - Periodical updates for additional stages and units are planned.

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