ChicksPusher is back as an action game!

    One day, the chicks drifted to the stage, “Pepipo island” which is made of tons of tweets!
    Chicks are so into the sweets that they never know they are scattered.

    And they also never know the island is controlled by a danger chick, Bokan.

    There is only one chick who noticed.
    He decided to gather his comrades, but he worries if he can by myself or not.

    So he needs your help to lead!

    [how to play]
    The goal is to gather all chicks.

    When you touch the display, a chick jumps.
    And you keep touching, a chick can fly, too.

    Be careful! There is a dangerous chick “Bokan”!
    If Bokan appeared, step on or jump over him.
    Otherwise he takes the chick’s HP, and if the HP is gone, the chicks can’t run any more.

    But it’s OK you can recover the HP by eating fruits.

    The candy sometimes fall from the above makes the chick stronger!
    It makes the chick can jump higher, too!
    But if the chick fall to the sea, the chick can’t run. So settle down.

    Go for gathering the chicks he left apart as many as possible!

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