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    The Adventure of CHIPPY!!~

    Speed Action !! Touch Casual Game!!

    Let's duck an obstacle and catch the stars!~

    There are 3 chapters, Skyland, Iceland, Volcanic zone which you will take.

    A brief story

    Once opon a time, There is one pigeon, very wierd feather and strange looking.
    So OTher birds had bulled Chippy often.
    There was only one girl, Yoona, who treated the friend of her with Chippy.
    She was hospitalized for a chronic illness and felt alone.
    They had gotten toghter and chatted with each other every day.

    One day, Chippy visit her room but she was not there.
    Her condition is very critically worsened.
    Chippy did not want to lose the best friend of Chippy's
    and been looking for the way to heal her.

    Finally, Chippy heard the Legend of Pheonix that Phoenix grant any wish.
    Now, Chippy start to jorney for the Legent of Phoenix....

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