Coconut Hut




    You find yourself and your good friend Ami on a desert island with nothing but the shirt on your back and a deserted hut. The coconuts are ripe and are falling from the trees. Some coconuts are dry and easy to carry, some coconuts are under the rain cloud and are wet and more difficult to carry. Its a race between you and Ami to see who can collect the most coconuts. You'll need speed and strategy if you want to collect more coconuts than Ami.

    You can play in full screen mode or in split screen mode.

    If you have PS3, Xbox, or Ouya controllers you can use the controllers. If you have 2 controllers you can play a two player game using the split screen. This is perfect for Android TV boxes like the MK812, which is what two player games were tested on.

    Two player games support the touch screen interface and the cameras can be set to flip the image so the second player can sit across from you and have their view of the game oriented correctly. This is done by choosing one of the tablet display modes in the settings (use the gear icon).

    Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.

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