ColorJumper Lite




    You think you are quick and coordinated with both your hands?
    We'll see...
    Navigate the red square through 15 of the 40 well laid out levels in the full version and try to avoid blocks moving towards you. To do that you can either jump over the block or if it is colored switch the background color. Blocks that have the same color as the background can't hit you. Unlock two of three different game modes and try to beat your highscore. Can you get through all of them?

    ColorJumper Lite is a casual jump and run game that is easy, fun to play and hard to stop.
    ColorJumper Lite has the following features:
    - 15 of 40 different levels
    - two of three different game modes to unlock:
    - normal mode: jump by pressing the right side of the screen
    - double jump mode: jump again while in the air by touching the screen a second time
    - in both game modes: touch the left side of the screen to change the background color
    - sound that can be turned off
    - your highscore will be saved
    - your restarts will be counted
    - no ads
    programmed by Markus

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