ColorUp: Catch Qubes




    ColorUp - catch color qubes, collect bonuses and discover other hidden treasures - give it a try!
    Be fast and accurate - it's the best recipe for the greatest number of points and gaining access to next levels of the game.

    How to play
    - Before starting the game check (on the start screen of the level) what colors you catch and what is the minimum number of points to pass the level,
    - Press "Play" to start the game and catch the right color pixels - this earns you points,
    - Catching a flawless series of good color pixels gives you bonus points x2, x4,
    - When you catch a wrong color (signalled by vibrations) you get negative points and the bonus series is canceled
    - Hunt the "golden pixels" as they bring extra bonus points,
    - Color the entire board before time runs out. Then for each second left you get extra points,
    - You can turn on/off the music and sound effects or press pause,
    - For every completed level you can earn up to 5 stars depending on your number of points,
    - Your best scores will be saved after you pass each level and your total game score will be saved in the Top Scores.

    - Dozens of levels with varying degree of difficulty (new levels currently in preparation),
    - Nice music and sound effects,
    - Clear and engaging graphics,
    - Intuitive controls,
    - Perfect game in your free time or to pass the time.

    If you like puzzle and arcade games such as Puzzle or Bubble Shoot, then ColorUp is definitely for you. We guarantee great fun.

    Enjoy the game - complete all the levels and score as many points as you can!

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