Come Here... Cat!




    There is a traditional Japanese house and a garden inside your Android.
    Animals will come and visit you there.
    With "Come Here... Cat!" you can play with animals.
    In traditional Japanese houses, there are wooden verandas overlooking the garden, where people drink tea and relax.
    Put a plate in the garden, with some food, and watch animals curiously approach the food.
    Use a fan to deliver the smell.
    And send lots of love until eventually the animals become your friends!
    Put the food on the plate to attract the animals.
    With different food, different animals will appear.
    There are some rare kinds too...
    Use the fan, hit the hearts!
    The smell of the food will attract the animals.
    When an animal is seen, quickly hit the hearts which appear on top of the cup. This way, you can show your love and their guard will be eased.
    Take your time, they will soon stay longer.
    Once the animals come closer to you, stroke them.
    All the animals are cautious to start with, but with time and effort,
    they will soon demand for a pat or two!
    Give them as much love as possible!

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