Count Money Master




    Wow~ you may not have seen so much money yet. Don't be rush and try to count how much money is, whether it's U.S. dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen. Just count it. We prepared three modes for playing.
    1.Infinity mode: No limit of time and maximum amount. Just count the money as much as you can. This is your chance to count so much money.
    2.Time mode: How much money you can count under the limited time? Just try it and let your fingers do exercises now.
    3.Count Mode: There is a sum of money. Can you count how much money right? Just try it by your mental arithmetic ability.
    Finally, you can connect with people around the world on ScoreLoop to compete for who the best count money master is.

    We always do our best to test the program while we release it. However, there are various models of mobile phone for Android system. Please kindly Email to us , tell us what step cause bug. We very appreciate your understanding and support.

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